It all starts with actively visualizing your ideal future. Next you write it and break it down into goals. However, sometimes we need to do a little more than just write down our goals. To make our dreams seem real we need to find way to bring them to life based on how we imagine it being accomplished. So after you’ve planned out what exactly you’re going to accomplish you make a vision board. This will give you a visual to keep you focused on while you’re working towards it.

Nonetheless, as the months of 2018 go by we may need a little  more than the vision board we made in January to keep us focused. So I challenge you all to adopt new forms of visual inspiration to keep you constantly growing and focused.


Just as we write out our short term and long term goals, we should do the same with how we visually imagine our goals. Here are some ideas on ways to showcase your short term goals. 

Break your 2018 goals down by month. This will allow you to create a timeline for yourself with a realistic end date without overwhelming yourself. Before you know it you will have more done than you imagined. This is especially helpful if you are working on more than one goal at a time, but need to put equal energy into both.

Create a visual to help you keep track of your daily goals. 

To accompany your vision board you need a tool that will allow you to see your progress. Try making chart that you fill in as you go. Another idea is to create small incentives for yourself to enjoy as you reach each milestone on your journey. Or even use social media to hold yourself accountable by committing to post weekly on your progress.

Instead of creating a basic to-do list, write down exactly how and when during your day you will accomplish each task

For those of us who like to focus on tasks day by day making a chart like this can be helpful! At the beginning of each day change out the sticky notes with new tasks. Even keep the old ones that didn’t get completed from the day before if necessary. This way you can see what exactly needs to be prioritized in the moment and alleviates the stress of next month or even next week.

There is no right or wrong way to bring your vision to life. The whole point is to find something that you can look at everyday to give you the inspiration you need to keep going. So here are some other ways to obtain your daily dose of visual inspiration that are not necessarily task oriented.

Write down daily affirmations and post them somewhere in your workspace to keep you in a state of positivity. 

Let your creativity run wild with this one. You can use  sticky notes, index cards or if you’re feeling fancy make some graphics on You do not just have to post them in your workspace, but rather any areas that you spend a significant amount of time or are most productive in. Many women choose to post them on their bathroom mirror or vanity.

Start your day off with a motivational speech or video. 

Sometimes we just need to see or hear the right words from someone else to give us that extra push. Youtube as an infinite amount to choose from, but here are a couple of recommendations for motivational videos. Another option is to find a podcast that aligns with your interests to listen to while you’re at work, at the gym or on the way home.

Aim to inspire others

Be a little more open than usual for a change and share what motivates/ inspires you with those around you. The journey to success is a lot more enjoyable when you have like minded supporters with you. Be the support for someone else that you want to have for yourself. This is guaranteed to help you build relationships and accountability.


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