Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur (and even a corporate woman climbing the ladder), we have to make sure our finances stay in order yet we must look the part. Well you can achieve both by slaying on a budget and shopping wisely. Check out some of our fashion saving tips.

Shop off season

How you shop is always based on your budget or lack there of, haha. If you pay attention you’ll notice that winter clothes are the most affordable when warm weather is approaching. Instead of updating your wardrobe as a season approaches stay ahead of the game and buy in advance. The only downside to this method is that you will not have all the latest trends once next winter comes but there is a solution that. When you are off season make sure the items you purchasing have a timeless or classic appeal. For example a trench coat and peacoat will always be a fall/winter must have.

Check out this article by TIME which goes into more detail on when to buy clothing items:


Ps; this is also helpful when buying holiday gifts. Don’t wait until the last minute when you can buy gifts for all your favorites in advance.

Google your favorite trends

Just because you’re ballin’ on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still be trendy! However, such a finesse will require some research to be done on your end. A winter 2018 favorite for both men and women are Chelsea boots. They are everywhere and not that difficult to find. A simple google search showed me images of pretty much the same style of Chelsea boots ranging from $40-$400.

Make smart purchases

In other words, you have to exercise more control over any temptations to make purchases on impulse. This means making a habit of planning ahead of time and resisting if it’s not on your list (unless you just can’t live without of course). Another approach is only saying yes to items that you know you will wear more than once. While we need unforgettable fashion moments consistently, be careful to not purchase so many statement pieces that you do not have enough items to rotate regularly in your closet. I know how hard it can be to resist such shopping habits so if all else fails at least be able to come up with three different ways to wear an item before purchasing it.

Pay attention to price changes at your favorite places to shop

We all know about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which are not to be slept on, but there other deals throughout the year. Holidays like the fourth of July and Labor day. This U.S. News articles has more details on holiday deals:


Many retail stores feature deals regularly as new inventory comes in. Avoid buying something on the mannequin at full price and wait a couple weeks for it to make it to the sale rack. The longer you wait the better the deal and if after those couple weeks you still want it then snag it when the tag says final price!

Find the deals on fashion broker and discount sites:

So you want to wear the labels but don’t have the budget to pay full price. We got it. Check out sites that sell designer labels at cheaper costs like Hautelook, Amuze, and Gilt.

Happy shopping!

Written by Kayla.Chandel


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