Just a few weeks ago we were on the edge of ’17 like Stevie Nicks! Some of us had been through hell and were ready to say good riddance to any and every thing associated with 2017. Others felt it was a fairly good year, and that 2018 would be even better…

But let’s be honest (really honest like showing up on a first date without your eyebrows filled in). The first week, and sometimes month, of a new year, you are not the best version of the woman you were hoping to be. First of all, you’re in awe that it’s actually 2018; you still have fond memories of Cash Money Records taking over for the “nine-nine and two thousand!” But alas, it is in fact a new year and it’s time to go hard or go home!  Here are several ways to recharge, refocus and re-position yourself so you can shine this year.

  1. Define what’s important to you. Get clear about what you want to see manifest in your life this year. You don’t even have to create a colorful vision board just yet. Notebook paper and a pencil is fine to begin with. Write down what you want to accomplish and the benefits associated with accomplishing these things. Once you’re clear about what deserves your attention and what doesn’t, you can truly zone in on making it happen.
  2. Pace yourself. If you don’t create a realistic timeline with meeting your goals, you will burn out quickly and say “throw the whole year away” before the ground hog sees its shadow. Instead of tackling your goals like a list of chores that has to be completed ASAP, prioritize accordingly and break them down into quarterly accomplishments. For example, what can you do this Winter? Start there are figure out the remaining seasons.
  3. Move that body. There’s no getting around it; health is wealth. You can’t excel at work or in your personal life if your health is poor. Fatigue is the most common sign that it’s time to implement a workout routine. Find a cardio activity that you enjoy doing and make it a part of your life. Studies show that women who eat healthier and exercise regularly are more productive than women who do neither. Don’t have time to do anything? Replace social media surfing with exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. You will see and feel the results!
  4.  Nip negativity. Now, before you go quitting your job because your co-worker “keeps looking at you funny”, hear us out! Not everything is going to be peaches and cream. You have to be able to discern annoyances and atrocities to make sound decisions. If not, every little thing will easily discourage you. But if  you have been tolerating abusive relationships and shady friends, some adjustments need to be made. We don’t have time for users and fair weather friends in 2018; it’s just too darn draining! In some cases, the negative outlook on life could be a result of your low self-esteem. Seek help and the right support systems so that you can glow and grow this year.


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