Well you survived 2017, congrats! With a new year, comes those yearly resolutions and awesome vision boards. While composing those resolutions and goals, have you found many of them to be repetitive or redundant? Well don’t get discouraged, this post is to suggest helpful ways for you to accomplish those goals once and for all!

  1. Make your goals visible everyday! This brings you a constant daily reminder of what you are trying to accomplish. For example, write a post it and put it on your bathroom mirror everyday so that you see it each time you go to your bathroom. And if it’s weight loss, put a note or even a picture on the refrigerator to ease the temptation!
  2. Break down your goals. You know from the past that things don’t happen overnight and also rushing it doesn’t help either. Do take the time to dissect your goals and assign deadlines/timeline for them to the best of your ability. So that you may have daily, weekly, or monthly goals that add up to the desired end result.
  3. Set reminders.  Whether you have an apple watch or google calendar, set alarms on your phone to remind you of your goals and things you want to accomplish day by day. Add your goal timeline to a digital calendar and set reminders to keep you on track.
  4. Review like a supervisor. You do checks and performance reviews with your corporate jobs, so why not take the time to do this for yourself.  Lessons are always learned and something you thought was easy may be more complex. That’s when you have to readjust and see how best to move forward in your assessment. This is so much better than falling off months later or getting to the end of the year and wondering what happened!
  5. Write in a Journal. This is a great way to gather your thoughts, arrange and rearrange goals, create ideas, and constant reminders! Check out this journal from Myleik! 
  6. The winner’s circle. Don’t do it alone, find encouragement from others. Everyone needs an accountability partner to give a extra push when you feel like giving up! Don’t find someone who is a debbie downer, find someone who has similar goals or in the the position you want that can encourage you!
  7. Use Technology. Aside from Fitbits and Apple watches, there are a slew of apps out there to help with achieving you goals! Take a look a Strides for example! 
  8. Reward yourself. When you see progress, give yourself a bonus! Celebrate the small victories along the way!!

Your goals may be the same, but this could actually be the year that they manifest!! Go for it, we have faith in you. 🙂


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