It seems that all of our favorite social media platforms are changing algorithms and creating updates that make it difficult for users to organically grow a their audience. These days it takes much more strategy and effort, without breaking the bank.  Here are some tips on how to reap the benefits of your favorite apps despite all the changes.

Use as many forms of social media as possible.

The more platforms you use the greater your reach which leads to more engagement. Just remember to use platforms that are relevant to the content of your account.

You can reference this website to see more logistics on the most popular social media platforms.


Keep usernames on each platform the same or as similar as possible. This makes it easier for followers to find you on multiple platforms as well as to remember your name.

Link Accounts

Make sure that on each of your social media accounts your followers can access your other accounts. You can link accounts by including the actual link to the social media platforms or usernames in your bio. This is especially useful if you have a personal or business website, because you can link all your accounts to your ‘about’ or ‘contact me’ page.

Be Active

Give to receive. Follow accounts that are similar or complimentary to yours. Genuinely like and comment on those accounts in hopes that many will return the favor.

Post Notifications

On most social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you can turn on post notifications for accounts similar to your business so that you can always be aware of updates on their page.  Once those accounts post something, pay attention to who is instantly liking and commenting on their posts. Go an follow/comment/like some of those accounts, as they will likely be interested in yours and follow back. This is a good strategy to keep followers coming to your page and engaged.

Here are more specific ways to increase engagement  for some of the most popular social media platforms:



  • Start conversations
  • Post content
  • Find optimal time to post
  • Be consistent
  • Use Facebook Live
  • Post events



  • Use short, concise and attractive thumbnails
  • Aim promotions toward mobile users
  • Embed videos in emails
  • Use annotations
  • Ensure videos are no longer than 3 minutes
  • Engage with your viewers


  • Post Great Content
  • Use hashtags
  • Follow hashtags
  • Tag accounts in photos
  • Use Instagram stories
  • Use Instagram Live
  • Engage with followers in comments




  • Use images, gifs and memes
  • Create polls
  • Pin tweets
  • Use informational graphics
  • Create threads
  • Host/participate in chats



  • Post original content
  • Link content to website or social media
  • Follow and engage with other content creators
  • Use hashtags and keywords in descriptions
  • Make your pinterest accessible on your social media and website


What are your favorite ways to keep followers growing and engaged?…Comment Below!


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