Confidence is key and it starts from within, however, there is nothing like a fire wardrobe to get you feeling yourself. Here are 5 tips to incorporate into your daily slay to keep you feeling confident!

Define your style

In a world full of trends it is easy for us to want to wear something because of how good it looks on someone else. You ever take a second a think but will this item do the same for me as it does for her? The best to answer this question is to know what your style is. List out your fashion likes or dislikes and understand what excites you in your closet. That is the first step.


Find clothes made for your body type

Second, similar to style you have to determine your body type and what type of clothing items will look best. Don’t get me wrong everyone can still participate in the latest trends just make sure to execute the slay in a way that is tasteful for your look. No one wants to be the one who wore it wrong so decide what’s right for you.

shapes for women

Include more statement pieces into your wardrobe

We often shop or aim to put together an entire look and that is not a bad thing, but you can make it a lot easier on yourself if you find statement pieces that you love and can incorporate into many outfits. For example, those red pumps can be worn casual and dressy so that might be a better buy than the red suit. Pretty much any aspect of an outfit can be a statement piece whether it’s the jewelry, shoes, purse, scarf or top. They are often bright colors or unique patterns that make the outfit be careful to not ruin the outfit with too many statement pieces

statement pieces

Highlight your favorite features

What do you love about your body? If it’s your smile then maybe wear a bold lipstick color. Your hips? Nothing like a high waist jean to show off those curves. Or maybe its your legs then you would go for heels or skirts with slits. There are so many ways to do it!

ERICA dixon glamatory

curvy women


Social Inspiration Only

Contrary to popular belief social media can be your friend and not just your enemy. So instead of scrolling and wishing you had her wardrobe or her looks take matters into your own hands. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel less confident about yourself. Determine your style/body type and follow fashion influencers or clothing lines that cater to YOUR fashion needs.


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

Written by Kayla Chandel



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