Meet Noor of A talented makeup artist who’s brushes have touched the faces of celebs such as Draya, Teyana Taylor, Porsha Stewart, and even Amber Rose. Now Noor has turned her creativity to making beautiful jewelry! Here’s Noor’s statement on her new Choker line:

“There’s no better feeling than decadent jewels gracing our neck and making us feel like the queens that we are! Culture is definitely what inspired these breathtaking chokers! They are handmade and delicate, so it’s important to take your time when putting them on. All the different embellishments, jewels, mirrors, sparkles, and all the bronze and golds are a true representation of South East Asian vibrant culture. These chokers dress up any outfit and if you’re just feeling casual, they add that extra pop to your look.”

You can soon find these chokers on this Fall season!

Sidenote: She’s rocking The Glamatory Lip Potions in shades Sugarberry, Fira, Nud, and Pink! (Shameless plug)


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