Day in and day out we bust our butts, work many hours, and struggle through sleepless nights for the love of money. But it never seems as if it’s enough. Many of us are driving ourselves crazy to figure out “the secret” to becoming rich. Actually the goal is not to be rich, but to be wealthy. Creating generational wealth is the goal. We read financial books, seek financial help, attend events, and listen to EVERY successful person’s story. Truth is, there’s no secret! There’s only a formula. And if you’re struggling with attracting more money, its probably because you’re standing in your own way of receiving it.

Money is one of the primary factors to happiness, success, and wealthiness. Who wouldn’t like to have all 3? Here are 3 ways to attract more money to eventually afford the lifestyle that you really want!


It may sound crazy, but you have to spend money to make money. Whether it’s investing in education for your career, investing in the aesthetics of your business and physical appearance, investing in the success of others, or investing in stocks/bonds. Though most of these types of investments won’t receive an immediate return, you could gain a substantial profit within the near future.

Get rid of negative thoughts

Often times we let fear and negativity get in the way of our dreams and aspirations. Money is like energy. If you claim it, have faith and work hard,  you shall receive it. Program your thinking and speak wealth into existence in your life.

Know your self-worth

Don’t undercharge for your product/services. In order to receive more, you must demand it. Increase your education, experience, and positive energy. Then increase your prices. Once you realize your self worth, your clients will too. And if the service/product and energy given is great, they’ll be willing to pay for it.

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