“If I had $1, I’d spend it on PR,” Bill Gates. This should say a lot coming from American business magnate Bill Gates. Any major brand or business has a public relations (PR) and/or marketing campaign in place. Reason being is because PR builds credibility and exposure. You may have the next best thing, but if no one knows about it, how are your potential customers or clients going to support you? I am Deidre Palode, Founder and Senior Publicist of MayLee Media and here are 3 reasons to hire a publicist for your brand!
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1. Stay Relevant! This simply means you are always the talk of the town or the nation or even the world. Staying relevant is keeping the media interested in talking about you. They talk, you win. No talk, no noise, you lose. A great publicist knows how to properly pitch your brand/product/service to the right media outlets.
2. Build Brand Recognition! You love your brand right? So why not build its reputation. However, please know public relations is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Long term visibility from media presence creates brand expansion. Building a great brand is like nurturing a child. It takes time to groom it and watch it grow into something great.
3. Increase Your ROI! Sales are not the only measurement of ROI, it can be traffic to your website, more engagement in social media, business referral, or even speaking engagements. There’s not one major brand that does not have PR, even when sales are up, PR is still in place.
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Deidre Palode is a Publicist and vision executor. Founder and Senior Publicist of MayLee Media and Creator of It’s Just PR, Deidre can be described as a PR Girl to watch. Holding three degrees; Associate of Arts in Communication, and two Bachelors of Arts degrees of Public Relations and Film and Video, Deidre Palode can be described as a “Media Mogul in the Making” with skills that developed publicity campaigns for well known brands, personalities and businesses.


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